Where to find the Monocacy Monocle?

There are many retail locations in the Upcounty and Southern Frederick County where you can pick up the Monocle. Keep an eye out for it.

You can also call Rande Davis at 301-509-9232 or
John Clayton at 301-461-8840 and we will try to get you to your
closest copy.

Of course, you can also subscribe. For $31.80 per year, we will mail your issue by first class mail to any address in the USA.

Call 301-461-8840 or send mailing instructions and a check (or Visa/MC/Amex/Discover info) to:
Monocacy Press LLC
Post Office Box 372
Barnesville MD 20838-0372



CVS Pharmacy
Poolesville Tire & Auto
Total Automotive and Diesel (TAD)
Most Local Churches


Boyds Country Store
Most Local Churches

You can also pick up the Monocle at most Upcounty Post Offices